Cooking like a chef – how it’s really done

Sometimes there is nothing worse than a home cooking disaster.

You can slave over a meal for hours only for it to be inedible, or you could be on the path to culinary glory only to take a call and walk back half an hour later to a burnt mess.

I personally have taken this to new levels.

At university I had no skill at or inclination towards cooking.

However I had bought a rice cooker and on weekends I would batch cook fairly revolting stir fry’s which I would eat with rice during the week.

One time I was called away from the strenuous task of watching my rice cooker to a university function which obviously involved food.

Months on my friend pointed out a rice cooker in our communal kitchen which had gone so long without a clean that mould was sprouting out the top like a pot plant.

It was mine.

At the moment I work in a restaurant and have been impressed by the efficiency and precision of the chefs.

How do they churn out such great meals night after night?

The restaurant’s head chef Sam provided the answer.

“You don’t want to be the weakest link – especially in a big kitchen where you’ve got sections,” he said.

Occasionally I ask the chefs how far away a customer’s meal is and they are able to give me a time.

How do they always keep to time?

“If you say four minutes then you don’t want to let anyone down so you make sure it’s done in four minutes,” Sam said.

“Or if you said four and you actually meant five then you’d better work faster.”

Part of the reason for chef’s success is obviously the equipment they have access too, however Sam said buying a Thermomix or some other exorbitantly priced piece of equipment would not necessarily turn a disastrous cook into Jamie Oliver.

“Understand what you’re meant to be doing,” he said.

“You won’t need a lot of equipment.”



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