The reason so many people drop out of university.


Recently I read that one in three university students are discontinuing their studies.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise to me.

One university deputy vice-chancellor attributed part of the problem to competing interests or commitments in students lives.

She said mature age students in particular might battle to study while they care for their for their family and continue to work.

I can definitely see that point.

However on the flip side I would argue some conflicting interests at university might be a very good thing for the majority of students.

For me it was living on campus and helping to organise student events on a committee which increased my sense of purpose at university.

A while ago I spoke to my dad’s secretary, a former teacher, who said a highlight of his teaching course was the number of women who also took it!

“I thought it was absolutely wonderful, there were just so many girls around,” he said.

Outside of teachers college and into the school system a similar ratio prevailed and he eventually met his wife through his teaching job.

I’m not suggesting people view university as a party or a way to find a partner .

However data has shown students who studied off campus were part of a group more likely to drop out.

So perhaps those students need a reason other than their course to stay engaged.




At a clothes swap party in second year – loving life.






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