Beating the ALDI machine

Many of us have jumped on the Aldi bandwagon.

Last year the chain won the CANSTAR Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award in the Supermarket category for the fourth time in the last five years.

However I do have one issue when I shop at Aldi and that is checkout speed anxiety.

It’s the feeling I get when I pull up to the checkout of a particularly fast Aldi worker.

And most of them should be fast – according to a worker I spoke with at Aldi’s South Yarra store last night checkout staff at the chain are supposed to scan 1000 items an hour.

So, how should the average joe act when up against these machines?

When I went to the supermarket it was very quiet and I was lucky enough to be able to have a chat with the Aldi staff member about his tips and tricks for keeping up.

How to stay on top of the speed

  1. Unload heavy items onto the conveyor belt first. This means they’ll go into your shopping trolley first. Medium and light weight items, such as cereal, pasta, toilet paper and tissue boxes, can follow.
  2. Stack small items such as tuna cans. Stacking makes it faster for the attendant to scan the items and quicker for you to arrange the cans in your troller or bag.
  3. Take a friend. According to the staff member I spoke with some couples have come up with strategies which make their shop quicker. They know what each of them will do when titems come off the conveyor belt and towards their trolley.


  1. Incorrect loading technique. As I’ve just covered, correct loading technique can help with speed. Chocolate easter bunnies at the start of the conveyor belt could mean you’re out of the game before you’ve even started.
  2. Giving up after a small mistake. Don’t fumble on an item early on, get flustered and then just sweep everything else which gets scanned into our trolley or go super slowly.
  3. Too much talking. Talking to others can be fun but perhaps not at Aldi. At Aldi it could mean you’re distracted which could mean you ruin your chances of an efficient and embarrassment free shop. However it could also mean you’ve become so skilled at conducting your Aldi shop that you don’t need to concentrate as much anymore. In that case, well done!

I hope these tricks are helpful for any of you keen to beat the Aldi machine and good luck!



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