Journalism today, warts and all

I worked for almost two years as a country journalist. It was, by far, the most challenging experience of my life. It took a certain kind of person to survive and all country journalists are driven in their own way. One of the most driven journalists I met working for McPherson Media Group was Lana… Continue reading Journalism today, warts and all


Cooking like a chef – how it’s really done

Sometimes there is nothing worse than a home cooking disaster. You can slave over a meal for hours only for it to be inedible, or you could be on the path to culinary glory only to take a call and walk back half an hour later to a burnt mess. I personally have taken this… Continue reading Cooking like a chef – how it’s really done

The reason so many people drop out of university.

  Recently I read that one in three university students are discontinuing their studies. This doesn't come as a big surprise to me. One university deputy vice-chancellor attributed part of the problem to competing interests or commitments in students lives. She said mature age students in particular might battle to study while they care for their for… Continue reading The reason so many people drop out of university.

The dole; how it actually motivates people

  Name: Melanie Kiwi (“like the fruit” she said). Age: 39 Born and raised: On New Zealands North Island in Tauranga. Barwon Heads. I don't think many people would think working for the dole would actually help to motivate a person. However for Melanie it was time spent working on environmental projects such as tree planting… Continue reading The dole; how it actually motivates people